Thursday, 8 March 2012


Above are a shot of juice-like brush washing liquid as well as a process shot of a piece for an avid bicycle lover. 

The ever so lovely Sara Titanic is heading to the Chicago Zine Fest today and has brought along some of my zines and other small products with her. If you are in Chicago, please visit her! This is a two-day event happening on Friday, March 9th and Saturday, March 10th. As my tiny token of appreciation, I baked her some miffy-shaped vanilla sugar cookies. Thank you so much, Sara!! 


  1. Okay, this is way too cute! :D
    Love all the bunny cookies and bunny cups! where did you get that cup from?? Good luck at Chicago Zine fair!

  2. i want these cookies in my mouth noww!!!!!!!

  3. I shall learn to make some vegan miffy cookies for you!!

    The cup is named, "Dan Dan Mug" and it's by Shinzi Katoh! I got it from Things Japanese on Harbord and Major a while back. So I don't know if they are still carrying it, but they have many other cute products there all the time. Also, the paper place carries many Shinzi Katoh products as well, worth a try!

  4. Ness! Me too! But I'm all out :(