Sunday, 8 April 2012

Favourite Time of Year

I recently finished a commission for Britt's mum in which I had complete freedom on the project and I consulted my friend on her mum's favourite things. This is an ink piece of Merlin, the fluffy cat peeking through a shrub composed of irises and clematises. 

Below is a photo taken of 'Criss Cross' in the November/December Issue of This Magazine. The comic was published as the winning entry for the 2011 Great Canadian Literary Hunt Graphic Narrative Category.     

Lastly, the bunny and I would like to send everyone warm Easter wishes. Here, Lala enjoys a piece of Kraft paper in his newly constructed fort. 


  1. heyy does your dwarf bun ever get bigger? ive been thinking about maybe a dwarf is a better idea for my small living space...maybe i should just get a fish

  2. He has been this size for the past 2 years or so. I think dwarfs are good for the small space, but they're also temperamental! You can get a really big fish hehe.